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90% of my time is spent communicating with people in various departments and organizations.
At meetings, I express my point of views when required, I speak clearly and effectively, I listen to others, I correctly interpret messages from others and respond appropriately, I ask the right questions and exhibit interest in having two-way communication.
I tailor language, tone, style and format to match the audience. 
I demonstrate openness in sharing information and keeping my managers and team informed.
Emails are kept short and to the point
I prefer personal interaction over digital for critical issues
I serve as a role model that other people want to follow. I lead by example. I empower others to translate visions into results.
I am proactive in developing strategies to accomplish objectives.
I establish and maintain relationships with a broad range of people to understand needs and gain support;
I anticipate and resolve conflicts by pursuing mutually agreeable solutions.
I  consistently drive for change and improvements.
I do not accept the status quo and show the courage to take unpopular stands.
It's important my team understands the WHY of what we do
I trust my team to be capable at their jobs
My jobs exists to serve them and my management
I compliment their successes and guide them through challenges
I'm trusted to create formal documents like Finance policy & procedure, report for the Board of Directors.
I am meticulous and have an eye for detail and consistency on paper.
I use graphs, flowcharts and diagrams where required.
Instructions are clear and concise
You won't find ambiguity on documents I create.
Time Management
My day begins by scheduling my calendar and replying to emails.
I prioritize intensive work at the start of the day.
I attend meetings only where I add value
Email messages are short and to the point.
Managing performance and Coaching
I delegate the appropriate responsibility, accountability and decision making authority.
I make sure that roles, responsibilities and reporting lines are clear to each of my team members.
I accurately judge the amount of time and resources needed to accomplish a task and match tasks to skills while providing the necessary training to the less skilled.
I monitor progress against milestones and deadlines
I  regularly discuss performance and provide feedback. I ask the right questions
My coachee has the knowledge, I bring it to the surface
I encourage my team to discover their own answers to their challenges.
I encourage risk taking and support creativity and initiative.
I actively support the development and career aspirations of my staff.
I appraise performance fairly.
Customer Service
I have a "customer first" attitude;
I put myself in the customer's shoes;
I Empathize with their needs
Set expectations on what is possible and was is not;
I never over promise;
Keep them informed as much as possible.
I prepare for the presentation well in advance and ask myself all possible questions;
I Keep the presentation simple and to the point;
I use less words more graphs and diagrams - the focus should be on the person presenting, not the slide show
I use standard corporate approved templates
Project Management
Communication about project update and progress is key.
Stakeholder management is essential.
Setting expectations and monitoring progress and reporting.
Self Motivated
I don't wait for my boss to assign something to me. I see a need and I try to fill it, seeking the bosses approval where necessary
If an idea gets shot down, if I disagree with a colleague, I don't let it get me down. As a leader it's my job to stay positive.
A task assigned to me has only one possible outcome - it gets done;
I take ownership for all responsibility and honour commitments;
I deliver output for which I have a responsibility within prescribed time, cost and quality standards;
I operate in compliance with organizational policy, rules and regulations;
I support my team, provide them oversight and take responsibility for delegated assignments.
I take personal responsibility for my own shortcomings and those of my team, where applicable
Challenges or roadblocks that require my manager's intervention are brought to the table immediately
I don't passively wait for a response from others. If they take longer than required, I follow up persistently till an answer or action is received.
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Building Trust
I provide an environment where others can talk and act without fear or repercussion;
I manage in a deliberate and predictable way;
I operate with transparency and have no hidden agenda;
I place confidence in my colleague, team, managers and customers;
I give proper credit to others;
I follow through on agreed upon actions;
I treat sensitive and confidential  information appropriately.
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I identify the key issues in a complex situation, and come to the heart of the problem quickly;
I gather relevant information before making a decision;
I consider positive and negative impacts of decisions prior to making them;
I take decisions with an eye to the impact on others and on the organization;
I propose a course of action or make recommendation based on all available information;
I determine that the actions proposed will satisfy the expressed and underlying needs for the decision;
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