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Goals and Objectives

 The Management of DP World has decided to form a company named “Smart Solution Logistics FZE” to provide a                 competitive and cutting-edge logistics services. The Company provides Container Freight Station (CFS – stuffing and unstuffing of containers) services, Cool and cold storage services, Freight forwarding services and Warehousing services.

 The objective was to have the company functions such as Finance management, procurement, IT, Operations,                     commercial etc. be separate from the main business.   

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Project Team members

I represented the Finance department in the project. Other project members included Operations lead by the acting Chief Operating Officer and the IT department. I was responsible for all finance related matters and provide financial information to the management.




Project Scope

 - To implement Oracle fusion as the company’s ERP and implement the integration of Oracle with billing systems;

 - To provide temporary finance management services to the newly formed company until the accounting department               was in place and the accounting head was recruited;

 - To migrate historical data (Part of the business was previously in the main business) to the newly created ERP.




Challenges faced

 - The Company was formed in January 2018 and the systems were to be ready in May 2018; providing services in the transition period and ensuring the reports are separate from the main system was a challenge;

 - Limited time to implement the ERP and integration.

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My initiatives

 - I was the point of contact for finance-related matters and provided financial and VAT advisory services to the Company         management during the transition period;

 - Designed the chart of Accounts of the company;

 - Designed the Oracle Fusion system requirements;

 - Created a finance policy and process document;

 - Successfully migrated historical data and budgets.

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Project Outcome

 The Oracle fusion was live on 1st May 2018 and integration and VAT implementation was ready by 1st June 2018. All           these within the timeline and limited issues. The Company’s finance function is running efficiently and meaningful finance     report is provided to the management.




Lessons I learned

- Working directly with the acting COO was a great opportunity as I learned how the logistics business operates, the             risks  and challenges faced by the business.

- Creating an accounting system from scratch for a newly formed company was another great lesson in this project.

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